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Navigating the Waters of Special Education

Here at Quiver Advocacy, we help Parents and Caregivers navigate the special education process.  Come see how we can help you to learn more, advocate better, and collaborate with special education professionals to enhance the life of your child.

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"Amy has always listened to my concerns, offered good advice, and helped me to decide what was best for my child when I was unsure. She has also put me in touch with other parents that have had similar issues with the school.  She has attended IEP meetings with me and has always acted professional and courteous while still firmly getting our points communicated. Having Amy in the IEP meetings with me is comforting by itself, knowing she has my back in a meeting where the school has brought in so many different people that I have never seen or met before; she gives me confidence to hold my ground on what I feel is best for my child. I recommend her to anyone having difficulties with the school system, she is a great advocate to have on your team!"

Lynsey Wilson

"Our special education journey began 6 years ago and we have been in partnership with Quiver Advocacy every step of the way.  Amy Wall and her team have been a tremendous, consistent and reliable resource.  Their background as educators and exceptional knowledge of the rules governing special education are invaluable.  Our child is nonverbal and has multiple, complex disabilities.  His academic success is dependent on related services and thoughtfully designed goals.  There was a time that we feared our child would suffer the insidious effects of low expectations and not be challenged.  Amy and her team raised the bar and inspired the IEP team to raise expectations.  Our child's narrative isn't just about disability.  It's also about his capability and potential!  As a result of Quiver Advocacy's tireless efforts, he has received necessary services and been given the opportunity to show his capacity to learn, communicate and thrive.  The advocacy, insight and support Quiver Advocacy provided us has been a key factor in our successful special education journey and we look forward to many future years of collaboration."

Sabrina & Terrell Luster

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